Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Hairstyles - Latest Trends in Long Hairstyles

Pushed into the spotlight by the popularity of Sarah Palin (or notoriety of Tina Fey), long hairstyles are making a big comeback!
Long hairstyles have long been a favorite of the young-at-heart as well the jet-set and glamour girls. Whether curly or straight or layered into a shag haircut, long hairstyles exude confidence and up-to-date style. Let's look at several latest trends for the best look with long hair.
Long Hair Updo
Whether you're a supporter or not, you can't argue that Sarah Palin has brought back the business casual, long hair Updo. In the past two months there has been a resurgence of the once popular style. Popularized by its sophisticated and versatile look, the long hair Updo works well with eyebrow length bangs as well as a pull-back and over the ears.
Its versatility comes from the non-nonsense business look when pulled-back with the ponytail folded over or under, as well as the more casual appearance when the ponytail is allowed to hang down.
The greatest versatility of the long hair Updo comes from the classic iconic "let your hair down" option at the end of the day. It allows a transition from business to casual a snap while making curly or straight designs work. As an added bonus, the long hair Updo cools you off during the summer or warmer months. Having hair long enough to give you this flexibility can be a welcome relief on a hot day in a suit!
If you are looking for the "I'm a Governor" or business executive look and want the Family-oriented casual look flexibility, a long hairstyle with a Updo is the perfect look for you.