Monday, November 7, 2011

Rihanna Legs Insured

Rihanna was honored this year with the “Legs of Goddess” award and now we

Rihanna's legs are insured for $1000000 by “Gillette”.

$1 Million Legs Rihanna

What we mean is this: Rihanna had her legs insured for a million dollars.

Rihanna wins Venus Breeze award. Evan Agostini, Getty Images

to believe that Rihanna has this much cellulite, when her legs are insured

New Hollywood Trend: Insured Body Parts Rihanna legs – Madame Noire | Black

insured her legs for US $1.25 millions. Rihanna, the famous time-being

Rihanna's sexy legs are insured for $1million.

Is it true that your legs were insured for a million dollars?

Heidi Klum's Legs Insured for $2 Million

8. Those legs! After taking out Gillette's Venus Breeze 'Celebrity Legs Of A